Seymour Bottex (Haiti, 1920-1998). "Jesus Falls under the Cross", circa 1965. Oil on fiberboard panel. Figge Art Museum. Gift of the Newton Carlyle Spitz Estate. 2003.14
Resistance and Resiliency in Haitian Art: Selections from the Figge Art Museum September 14, 2012 - December 08, 2012 In 1804, Haiti earned the distinction of becoming the first, and the only, successful slave revolt in the history of the modern world. Independence did not ensure a clean break with a troubled colonial legacy. Chronic political upheaval and natural disasters have continued to batter the island’s mostly poor and disenfranchised majority. Despite, or perhaps in response to such hardships, Haiti developed a vibrant and provocative artistic tradition. Ten exemplary works on loan from one of the world’s oldest collections of Haitian art pay homage to the courage and creativity of the island’s complex Caribbean culture.For more information about the Figge Art Museum: http://www.figgeart.org/Home.aspx

“One of the most important rules for working in a museum: Do not bleed on the object!”

— Anna Cannizzo, Curator of Collections