Green Revolution February 20, 2014 - May 17, 2014 Green Revolution is a Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibition used jointly by Denison University and The Works in Newark to create and promote local environmental awareness and accountability through multidisciplinary hands-on experiences and community partnerships. Last September 27, Denison service learning students lent a hand to Green Revolution Licking County for a Clean Up Downtown Newark Day. This spring, Denison Museum and The Works invite you to visit our galleries for exhibitions focused on sustainable living. At Denison Museum, Museum staff and student employees are proud to unveil a series of “eco-zibits" conceived, designed, assembled, and interpreted by a diverse team of students, faculty and staff. Participants come from a variety of Denison programs including Studio Art, Education, and Environmental Studies, as well as Denison Sustainability, Denison Chemical Society, Denison Science and Art Interest Group, Denison Libraries, and The Homestead. The Works presents "From Ditch to Dazzling", a recycling-themed art exhibition curated by local artist and art educator Todd Camp, that features imaginative artworks created by area artists, individuals, and collaborative partners who received support from Licking County schools and businesses. This version of Green Revolution is based on an exhibition originally created by the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago and its Black Creativity Council and is made available by Smithsonian Institution Traveling Service.

Please visit Green Revolution Subject Guide hosted by Denison Libraries.

For more information about special events and programs sponsored by our Green Revolution partner The Works in Newark, visit Green Revolution Licking County.

“Working at the Denison Museum helped to activate my learning by giving me practical applications for my liberal arts degree, while I was still in school. The things that I learned while I was on the job made my coursework come to life.”

— Cara Lovati '09