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Special Guest Visits Denison Museum

October 22nd, 2013 by Denison Museum
Visiting Scholar, Mary Hirsch, examines a Chinese Shadow Puppet from Denison Museum's Permanent Collection

Visiting Scholar, Mary Hirsch, examines a Chinese Shadow Puppet from Denison Museum’s Permanent Collection

by Jackson Lesch ’15

About two weeks ago, Denison Museum was visited by traveling scholar: Mary Hirsch. Hirsch has a long history of studying Chinese art. It has been her professional focus for more than two decades. She has worked with numerous Asian art collections, namely the Seattle Art Museum and, most recently, as Guest Curator of the East Asian Library at Princeton University.

While Hirsch is interested in all kinds of Asian art, it was Denison’s collection of Chinese Shadow Puppets that brought her to Granville. The collection was originally found by Daniel Sheets Dye (class of 1907) who brought these pieces to Denison in the late 1960s from his visits to China. Apart from the brief exhibition Between Light & Shadow, Denison’s shadow puppet collection had been relatively untouched for about 40 years, waiting for Hirsch to carefully study them and explain their significance.

Watching Hirsch unwrap and digest each piece was like watching a master artisan; I didn’t understand everything she did or said, but I knew it was important and, more importantly, I knew not to disrupt the process. For a period it felt as if she almost forgot I was there, handling each piece like a child would a maze; starting at the end and working backwards. Unlike a maze, Hirsch was not navigating around walls, she was navigating through history. She would talk to herself occasionally about what each puppet meant, and what their role might have been. I was mesmerized for an hour and a half, appreciating the rare opportunity to watch a master work at her craft.

For more information about Denison Museum’s Chinese Shadow Puppets please visit:

Denison Museum Looking for Trashy Ideas

October 1st, 2013 by Denison Museum

Green Revolution web
by Jackson Lesch ’15

Hey, you! Do you like garbage? Great!

Denison Museum is looking for submissions to our Green Revolution initiative. It’s super cool. Denison Museum is trying to reduce their carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the environment, and the community. We are accepting all kinds of designs based on the idea of reusing and recycling. Anyone can submit: students; faculty; staff; Hungarians. Your design should be made from as many recycled materials as possible, so get creative. Feel free to use as many materials as you like (except live animals… not after what happened last time). The designs you submit should be influenced by science, but we encourage people from all different disciplines to submit. We want your ideas! Please go to for information on submissions. Submit your original design by NEXT FRIDAY OCTOBER 11TH so you can impress your friends and convince them that you Are talented!

This version of Green Revolution is based on an exhibition originally created by the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago and its Black Creativity Council and is made available by Smithsonian Institution Traveling Service.

“One of the most important rules for working in a museum: Do not bleed on the object!”

— Anna Cannizzo, Curator of Collections